Falon Martin Certified Labour and postpartum doula, certifying ThetaHealer® practioner

 As a doting mother of three, my journey into birth began with my first pregnancy. It was through my research, insatiable thirst for knowledge and following my instincts on all things baby, that my passion for childbirth grew. I am committed to supporting women and their families through their pregnancy and birth experiences by providing them with the resources, tools and compassion to achieve their best birth. 

Q: Why hire a doula?

A: Studies show that women who have doula support during labour and birth have more satisfying birth experiences. Women and their partners report that having doula support was a key factor contributing to their empowered, positive and satisfying experience.


Nested Birth offers a full range of services to support your growing family, from prenatal packages to help prepare your mind, body and soul for your new baby's arrival to childbirth education, knowledgeable birth doula assistance during labour and delivery and continuing with nurturing  postpartum care.  All families can benefit from experienced support through all stages of having a baby,  Nested Birth provides non-judgmental support to help make your experience empowering, intimate and positively life-changing no matter what kind of birth.

Q: What is a doula?

A: Doula (pronounced Doo-lah) is a non-medical assistant that helps pregnant women and their families by providing practical, informational and emotional support throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Q: what about my partner

A: Doulas are apart of your birth team, they do not replace or interfere with the intimacy of your experience, rather they help ensure both mother and partners needs are met. Doulas help to enable each partner to participate at their own comfort level, reducing stress and allowing couples to connect throughout the experience. Every couple has their own dynamic and expectations about how the doula will best support them, this is an important topic to discuss during the prenatal visits.

Q: How is a doula different from a midwife?

A: Midwives, much like an OBGYN provide primary medical care during your pregnancy and delivery, a doula is a non-medical care provider that is apart of your birth team. A doula helps clients navigate the choices and decisions to be made through the process, they also provide guidance in addressing the physical and emotional realities of childbirth and the postpartum period and about what the broad spectrum of "normal" looks and feels like.

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